5 Years & 9 Weeks Married | Hit with the Stomach Flu

We had planned a weekend packed with back-to-back social activities, one of which was celebrating Jake’s birthday!!!

Unfortunately, Jake and Baby R caught the stomach flu. It feels like we’ve had nonstop sickness plaguing our household for the last month or so! But we still consider ourselves lucky– only one of us has been taken out each round. We have no idea how we would survive if we were both down and out.

While it is not fun being sick, the cuddles and extra sleep make it a little better. Baby R napped on Cindy almost all day long, something Baby R hasn’t done since her newborn days. Cindy really missed those contact naps. It was heartbreaking seeing how sick Baby R was, but it was also really special to cuddle all day long. Bittersweet.

As for Jake, he slept through most of his birthday. If he wasn’t in bed, then he was in the bathroom. Not fun, to say the least. He did have a job interview in the middle of the day and somehow mustered up enough energy to get through it. We’re hoping it went as well as he thought it did…

By the end of the weekend, everyone was feeling well enough to get out of the house for a bit of fresh, rainy, air. We even had some birthday cake for Jake!

We’re hoping for a respite from all the sickness so that we can finally enjoy some of this holiday season!

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