5 Years & 8 Weeks Married | Jake’s *FIRST* University Interview Request!!!

It’s finally happening!!!!! Academic interview requests have been trickling in!!!!!!! The universities and colleges started sending out interview requests around December 1st. By the end of next week or so, we should have a good idea of where Jake will be interviewing.

He already has an academic interview scheduled for Monday! But the bulk of the interviews will be happening the first week of January.

We are relieved, excited, and nervous! Relieved because we weren’t sure if Jake would get many academic interviews. Excited because it’s really happening! This moment seemed soooooo far away for so long that we can’t believe the time has finally come! And nervous because these interviews are a HUGE deal! Jake gets 20 to maybe 30 minutes to really showcase his work and impress some people. These academic positions are extremely competitive and his chances are VERY very slim. On average, people can expect ~30 interviews, 2-3 flyouts (or second-round interviews), and only 1 offer.

We’re holding our breath, but we’re hopeful!

It’s really crunch time now.

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