5 Years & 10 Weeks Married | Econ Job Market Stress

We’re starting to really feel the weight and stress of Jake’s job market process.

We mentioned a couple posts ago that academic interview requests have started trickling out. Well, this last week was considered a very critical week as most schools and universities reached out to candidates.

All week, Jake’s been refreshing his emails non-stop. Some schools even make phone calls, so every call Jake got came with eager anticipation. It was a letdown when some calls were just spam.

We don’t want to disclose too much just yet, but Jake has been doing pretty well. And he’s pretty proud of the interview opportunities he has received so far!

This experience has been like a magnified version of college acceptance letters all over again. Except the stakes seem much higher. Which interviews we get and which we don’t will decide where we will potentially live, how close to family we will be, what industry Jake will be in, and so much more.

So much of the process is now out of our control. All we can do is trust God will place us where we’re meant to be. At the same time, we both need to be ready to make some potentially really difficult decisions.

Until then, we’re going to enjoy the holidays as much as we can!

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