4 Years & 25 Weeks Married | Weekend Hike with Friends

The big highlight of our week was hiking with our friends who also have a baby around the same age as Baby R. It’s been so fun hanging out and watching our babies hang out (or more like watching our babies treat the other like a new toy). It’s just so much easier making plans with other parents of young babies because there’s just more understanding and flexibility. There’s no guilt or pressure that you’re taking up everyone’s time if you need to stop and nurse or stop and tend to the baby. There’s just a mutual understanding and it makes for a more easy-going time.

This hike was our first “big” hike with Baby R. We did a short hike a couple of months ago to break in our baby-carrying hiking backpack. And then didn’t end up going on another hike since. We’re itching to do more hikes now! And maybe even some backpacking trips!

The hike we went on is a cool local trail called the Old Nike Missile Site. The area has miles and miles of trails to choose from. We only did a couple miles, hiking directly to the missile site. Apparently, this site was made to defend Los Angeles, back in the 1950s, from potential Soviet missile attacks by detecting and shooting down incoming missiles! What a cool hidden gem!

Both babies fell asleep on our way back to the car, so we ended up walking down another trailhead for a couple of miles.

Maybe next time, we’ll be up for a longer stretch!!!

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