4 Years & 26 Weeks Married | Cindy’s 30th Birthday Bubble Soccer Party

We celebrated Cindy’s 30th birthday early this past weekend by checking off a bucket list activity: bubble soccer!


and also extremely tiring!

and officially Cindy’s favorite birthday ever.

It was the perfect way to conclude her twenties. When we got home, we were extremely wiped, super sore, and a litte sunburned. What would have topped the day off was the perfect afternoon nap. But Cindy was too riled up to nap. She sat on the couch looking through videos of the day and soaking it all in. She was a little sad the party had to come to an end. But felt incredibly grateful and blessed to have spent it with so many friends and family.

(in case anyone is curious, we used a company called Airballing LA and highly recommend them!)

Turning 30 isn’t as scary as Cindy thought it would be. It’s cliche, but her twenties were defintietly about figuring out who she is, making mistakes, learning and growing.

On a superficial level, it was about experimenting with different make-up looks and styles of clothing and going through phases that make you look back and think “ughh what were you thinking” before figuring out what she feels beautiful and comfortable in. She remembers going through a phase where she decided she wanted to be a “makeup wearing girl” and had gone out and splurged on all sorts of makeup products. It was a short-lived phase. She learned she didn’t enjoy wearing a full face of makeup.

On a deeper level, her twenties were all about maturing- in her faith, in her relationships with others, and in herself. We shared this before, but she had gone through a phase where she was adamant on getting a PhD. This was a phase she had to really work through. Slowly, over the years, she found her self worth not in her accomplishments but in her relationship with God. And from that, she felt an inner peace that only comes with finding your identity in Christ. She’s come to value her friendships and time with family and tries to prioritize those relationships. She used to be the flakiest person on earth and was known for cancelling plans because she would be too tired or had too much work to do. But time on earth is limited and you’re never promised a tomorrow. She’s come to realize that you can always make time for the people and things that matter in your heart. As she was reflecting on the past 10 years, she was overcome with a feeling of gratitude. She feels so blessed and fortunate to have grown into the woman she is now. And while she’s still learning and growing, in many different ways now that she is a mom, she feels pretty confident in who she’s become.

She’s welcoming 30 with an open and grateful heart!

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