4 Years & 24 Weeks Married | Week of Firsts!

We visited Cindy’s dad this past weekend and slept over! It was our first overnight trip since nap training Baby R. We were a little nervous about how she would sleep in a new environment, but she did pretty well! She cried for about 30 minutes but after that slept through the rest of the night!

We decided to splurge on the Guava Lotus Travel Crib and the Slumber Pod…mostly because we have a few trips coming up in the next few months… and for fear of a repeat of our New York trip where Baby R hardly slept at all… we decided to invest in some travel-friendly sleep products. Maybe it’s our way of justifying the money spent or maybe these products really are magic, but we’re convinced the Lotus Crib & the Slumber Pod helped Baby R sleep in a new environment. We have N=2 to support our case! Just last week, we visited Jake’s parents and had tried out both products, for the first time ever, for a nap. After about 10 minutes of crying, Baby R napped for a little over an hour!

We’ve never been able to get Baby R to sleep anywhere besides in her crib or by babywearing (oh, and also the car). It was very stressful because it meant we would either have to rush home to do naps or bedtime in the crib. Or excuse ourselves from an event to baby-wear Baby R. With our two successful attempts at sleeping in new places, we feel a sense of relief. We can finally go out without having to worry too much about baby sleep! (*fingers crossed we didn’t just jinx ourselves and Baby R decides to not sleep on our upcoming trips)

Another first is… Cindy’s first couple of weeks back to running! She’s taken advantage of the later sunsets and has been running pretty consistently, after putting Baby R down to sleep for the night. The first few runs were difficult. Her legs were slow and her lungs felt heavy. Her pace for a 3ish mile run was about 9:40. She has been eager to improve her pace back to sub-9 minutes but was quickly reminded that she needs to ease back into running. (she’s been experiencing runner’s knee). She has to remind herself that her body has changed a lot and it’s been over a year since she’s consistently run. Not only does she have to build up her endurance but she also needs to strengthen her pelvic floor and core. But overall, it’s just been really refreshing, both physically and mentally, to run again.

Jake has also been running more consistently too! We miss running together, but it’s not really feasible these days. One of us has to stay home with Baby R. To make sure we each get a chance to run, we set up a schedule where we alternate days. This way, we both get our runs in! We’ve also been less likely to skip our runs because that means you don’t get another chance until your next “scheduled” day. So far this system has been working.

And finally, the last first of the week was Baby R’s first time enjoying the beach. Every time we’ve taken her so far, she’s cried as soon as we dip her toes into the ocean. We went this last weekend, and Baby R didn’t seem to mind at all when the water washed up on her. Maybe because she was busy grabbing at the seashells. Either way, we can’t wait for summer beach days!!

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