4 Years & 16 Weeks Married | Baby’s First Chinese New Year

Happy Year of the Tiger!!!

This is our first Chinese New Year where we had red envelopes to give!!! (to Baby R) Since she doesn’t know any better, we just gave her a red envelope to play with and deposited the money we’re actually giving her into her investment account. She seemed to enjoy chewing the envelope. She also got red envelopes from her grandparents (Cindy’s parents)!

It’s so exciting to celebrate all these holidays now that there’s a baby in the mix.

We celebrated the New Year with some dim sum with Cindy’s family. Now that Baby R can sit in a high chair and participate in the eating, going out to eat at restaurants has become more enjoyable. Baby R tried a few dim sum dishes and loved it! Baby R looooooooves food. And we have so much fun feeding her food! But we’ve realized we have to be careful about overfeeding her. Because if we don’t stop, then she won’t stop! A few times, we’ve accidentally overfed her and she ended up spitting up all over herself.

We had such an enjoyable time!

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