4 Years & 17 Weeks Married | Baby R’s Second Olympics!

(Picture is unrelated to the Olympics. We went to the Super Bowl Experience event at the LA Convention Center. We don’t know anything about the Super Bowl, so it was a bit random. We went mainly to hang out with our friends. We felt totally out of our element, but it was a new experience that we never would have explored otherwise!)

Anyway…2 Olympics in her first year of life! Baby R is so lucky!

She doesn’t even remember watching the Summer Olympics. But she sure is enjoying the Winter Olympics! Or at least she’s enjoying the TV. Which must be very fascinating since she doesn’t normally get to watch TV. Who are these people inside that box?!

Baby R is getting more and more mobile. She’s very eager to do just about anything besides sit and cuddle. She’s pulling to stand on any surface she can find. She’s been trying to climb furniture; although, she doesn’t quite have the strength or coordination to successfully climb yet. She’s been standing without any support for a few seconds. And she’s started taking some very wobbly first steps with the assistance of her walker toy! It’s all so new and so exciting!

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