4 Years & 15 Weeks Married | A Little R&R

“Revise and Resubmit” that is!

That’s the big highlight of the week!!! A few months ago, Jake and his colleague submitted a paper they wrote to a journal. The chances of getting your paper accepted in this journal are very VERY slim. In fact, in the field of economics, it is extremely difficult to get your paper published in general, especially as a PhD student. Jake was expecting a rejection since every paper he’s submitted so far has been rejected.

To his surprise, he got an email saying his paper WASN’T rejected!!! He has the chance to revise and resubmit it!!! And it sounds like, conditional on him revising his paper according to the recommendations of the editors and reviewers, the paper has a good chance of being accepted! It’s not a promise, but it’s another chance. A “Revise & Resubmit” might not sound like a big deal, but it is, in fact, a huge accomplishment! Not many papers make it past the rejection stage, so to make it into the revision stage means there’s still the possibility his paper can get published. Once you are rejected from a journal, you cannot resubmit your paper to the same journal. This is the “big break” Jake has been waiting for.

Still, Jake and his colleague have their work cut out for them. A paper revision isn’t something as simple as fixing a few grammar errors and sentence structures; although, that is part of it. A revision usually requires changing or adding something substantive. In his case, it means adjusting the theoretical model and understanding what this change does to all of the results. It will be a lot of work, but hopefully, it will be worth it. If you want to read an earlier draft of the paper, you can check it out here!!

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