2 Years & 1 Week Married | Weekend Apart

This past weekend, Jake attended a conference in D.C. where he presented one of his projects! It was a really exciting experience and opportunity.  But it also meant a weekend apart for us. Since being married, this was Cindy’s first weekend home alone  and Jake’s first weekend away from home.



In the days leading up to this past weekend, Cindy was really excited to be home alone. She made sure to not commit to any weekend plans with anyone. She stocked up on all her favorite foods and snacks. And she made plans to hang out by herself. lol. (she really enjoyed not having to share any of her snacks…)

Friday, after work, she went to a pumpkin patch with a couple of friends. Saturday morning, she had coffee and breakfast by herself at the dining table. Around noon, she went to the mall and did some shopping– something she hadn’t done by herself in a long time. (which is probably a good thing because she spent a little too much money lol). By Saturday evening, the excitement of being by herself was starting to wear off. She was getting bored and missing Jake. And by Sunday, she was just counting down the hours till Jake came back home.

It was nice and refreshing to have that alone time, but no more weekend conferences for a while.



Jake’s weekend started Thursday night. He took a red-eye flight out to D.C. so he could catch up with one of his best friends and his brother on Friday, before the conference started. Jake had not seen his best friend, who was one of the best men in our wedding, in nearly 2 years! But they picked up right where they left off. It was really nice to catch up! After hanging out with his best friend, Jake visited his brother, who is going to school out in D.C. It was a little weird to see his brother outside of home, but it was nice to see him in his own element. It was great 1:1, bro:bro time.

The conference itself was multidisciplinary and Jake made many cool connections. Jake presented on the relationship between overtime and injury. (if anyone is interested Jake would be more than happy to share his results lol). He also enjoyed being back in one of his favorite cities.

By Sunday, Jake was also ready to be back home. He was starting to miss Cindy too.

This whole weekend experience was a first for us– Jake being away from Cindy at a conference and Cindy being home alone. It was fun and exciting to experience something new and out-of-routine. But, like we mentioned earlier, maybe no more weekends apart for a while.

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