2 Years & 2 Weeks Married! | Cane Quest

The highlight of our week was…Cane Quest!

On Saturday, we volunteered at an event called Cane Quest. Cane Quest is a competition hosted by the Braille Institute where kids who are blind or visually impaired put their white cane and independent travel skills to the test. Some of you may already know that Cindy works in Special Education as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist. In short, she teaches kids who are blind or visually impaired independent travel skills, like how to use the cane, how to safely and independently cross a street, how to plan routes in the community, etc. Many kids who are blind or visually impaired grow up to live full and independent lives– but it takes time to formally learn skills that kids with vision absorb naturally.

Anyways, this was our third year volunteering at the event. It took up most of our Saturday and we were so tired afterwards, but it was so rewarding and fun! Jake managed to become Pokemon Go friends with one of the competitors. They battled a gym together lol.

You can learn more about Cane Quest in the below video:


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