2 Years Married | Happy 2 Years to Us!

Happy 2 years of marriage to us!

We celebrated our anniversary early with a weekend getaway to Santa Cruz! We wanted to escape the SoCal sun to some NorCal redwoods and spend a weekend full of quality time with no vacation itineraries or To-Do lists. It was really refreshing and relaxing to spend that quality time together.

We stayed in a cute Airbnb, in Felton, cozily tucked away in a bunch of redwood trees. We did face masks together, explored Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, ate a lot of junk food, splurged on some crab, and went on some rides at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Our drive up and down were filled with interesting crime podcasts. Our mornings were nice and slow– we took our time drinking our coffee, eating our oatmeal, and listening to the birds. In the evening, we took the time to enjoy some hot chocolate and tea with some Trader Joe’s cookies!

It was the perfect weekend and, for us, the perfect way to celebrate 2 years.


This past year has been filled with so much work, fun, and adventure. Learning has also been a central part of our journey. We’ve learned to take time to talk about our worries and concerns, and to adjust to be considerate of each other. We’ve learned to be sacrificial, and to take on extra tasks for each other even when it was the other person’s responsibility. And we’ve learned that sometimes we just need to let loose, enjoy life, and take a trip together.


We’re so thankful God brought us together. And we pray that this next year, we continue to grow together and in Him every day.

We’re excited for year 3!

2 thoughts on “2 Years Married | Happy 2 Years to Us!

  1. Happy 2 year Anniversary! This sounded like the absolute perfect weekend. Crab is my favorite. 💗 The reflection at the end was beautiful, too! Can’t wait to see what year 3 has in store for you two. 🙂

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