1 Year & 45 Weeks Married | A Week of Fun & Back to Work

We had a week packed with activity!


Cindy and Jake’s mom planned a little surprise party to congratulate Jake for passing all three of his comprehensive exams, one of which was with honors! Jake got the results of his test the day we left for our Greece and Italy vacation, so his accomplishment was breezed over quickly by the excitement of vacation. But we were both so proud and happy he passed all three tests! The surprise party was just with Jake’s immediate family. It was a day filled with all of Jake’s favorite things: seafood pasta, Dr. Pepper, ultimate frisbee, games, and letters from his family. It was the first time Jake was genuinely surprised and he felt so appreciative and special. (cindy has tried to surprise jake in the past but has never succeeded lol).



Cindy’s summer vacation ended and she went back to work. This will be her 5th year of teaching! She still finds it a little hard to believe that this is her 5th year. She feels like she just started. At the same time, each year seems to get a little easier and easier. She feels like she’s finally got her back to school routine down and it’s not as stressful as previous years.



The last two months have involved a lot of traveling and fun! Unfortunately this has meant we have not been able to attend Bible study consistently. We were happy to break that trend this Thursday! We’re going to be starting the book of Ephesians.


Friday was “Take Your Husband To Work Day”. Just kidding. But Jake did go to work with Cindy because we were having dinner with Cindy’s dad after she got off work. Jake enjoyed meeting Cindy’s co-workers, seeing her office, and understanding her work life. Cindy enjoyed having Jake’s company at work. She wishes everyday was “Take Your Husband To Work Day” lol. The first couple of days back to work for Cindy is mostly putting together a schedule, prepping paperwork, and  lots of emails to other teachers. All of this stuff is mostly “desk work” which is why it was the perfect time for Jake to visit! Normally, during the school year, Cindy is driving between schools and working with students.


After work, we had dinner with Cindy’s dad and Cindy’s sister. It was some good times, just having dinner and talking!



We were supposed to do a Hollywood Walking Tour with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend, but the tour got cancelled. So at the last minute, we decided to play basketball. Jake assembled a random but fun group of people to play 5 v 5 basketball. We played with one of Jake’s friends, Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend, Jake’s middle brother and his friends, and Jake’s youngest brother and his friends. The range of ages spanned from 16 to 27 lol. We spent the day out in Jake’s hometown and played 2 full games of full court basketball. Later in the day, Jake’s other brother joined us and we played a couple games of volleyball. It was so much activity but also so much fun. And now we’re pretty sore today lol.


And that was pretty much our week!

(below is a fun picture of Jake and his ‘stache)


2 thoughts on “1 Year & 45 Weeks Married | A Week of Fun & Back to Work

  1. Aww surprise parties are so cool, love that Jake was genuinely not expecting it! So many congrats to him for passing all exams & dang, one with honors?! Awesome!! Cindy looks so cute in her classroom!! & your weekend sounds like it was so full & fun. Thanks for sharing, guys!! ♡

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