1 Year & 44 Weeks Married | Back to Normal Life

Not much happened this week… just getting back into our normal routine.

We also hung out with our siblings! On Thursday, Jake’s brothers came to LA to visit us. We explored Old LA Zoo and Abbott Kinney Blvd, ate tacos, and played some games. Old LA Zoo is just the abandoned site of where the current LA Zoo was located before it’s current location. It was good, fun times!

On Friday and Saturday, we hung out with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend. We played more games and some basketball.

Other than that, Jake’s been getting started on his thesis research. And Cindy’s been working on our vacation video summaries (she likes to make those after each of our vacations).

It’s been an easygoing, relaxing week– perfect for Cindy’s last full week of vacation before work starts again. Jake still has another month and a half of summer vacation…

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