1 Year & 46 Weeks Married! | Rock n’ Walk Sunset Strip Tour

Our Tuesdays have somehow become Movie Tuesdays. Ever since Sinemia (our movie subscription pass) went bankrupt, we’ve been taking taking advantage of AMC’s Tuesdays discounted movie tickets. This past week, we watched Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood. And we were surprisingly entertained!

Anyways, two big highlights of our week:

Final Summer Bash

On Friday, we went out to Jake’s hometown for a final summer bash with his family and some of his family’s friends. (we’ve had like 3 final summer bashes, so we like to joke if this last one is actually the final summer bash lol). We don’t mind it though because it’s always a fun time! We hung out in the pool, had some bbq, and played Dominion. On our drive over (during rush hour), we listened to Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover. We aren’t crazy Taylor Swift fans, but we have to admit, her album is pretty good.

Rock n’ Walk Sunset Strip Tour

On Sunday, we went on a Rock n’ Walk Sunset Strip tour with Cindy’s sister and her sisters boyfriend. Basically, the tour is a walking tour of the sunset strip, highlighting the history of rock n’ roll in West Hollywood.

It was a bit random, since neither of us are major rock n’ roll fans. But Cindy’s sister had won these tickets from work, so we went along for the fun. We were pleasantly surprised! The tour was was actually pretty interesting and fun. And good exercise…we walked for 3.5 hours! And it wasn’t a leisurely walk like we assumed a walking tour would be…we were power walking through the city.

We learned so much on our tour and got to see some hidden gems of the city. We went into places like the Viper Room, Whiskey A Go Go, and the Roxy. We think these are pretty iconic places because the tour guide was making a big deal about them. For us, it was just cool to visit these places that we wouldn’t normally go to on our own. It was kind of fun being tourists in our own city and it makes us (or at least Cindy) want to do this more. There’s so much of Los Angeles we haven’t explored!


One thought on “1 Year & 46 Weeks Married! | Rock n’ Walk Sunset Strip Tour

  1. How fun that you have been doing Movie Tuesdays! So happy you enjoyed the Hollywood film. I heard good things about it. 🙂 Being a tourist in your own city is always the best. The walking tour sounds like a blast, the places you visited sound super cool.

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