1 Year & 17 Weeks Married | Rain, A Cold, and Dim Sum

We finally got to experience some winter this past week! Los Angeles got nearly a week of rain and cold weather! By cold weather, we mean like 50 degrees F (we would never be able to survive anywhere colder)

Other updates: Cindy got a cold, so she was sleeping for most of the week. And Jake has been busy, busy, busy with his PhD coursework. On our wedding day, we joked that we would be there for each other in health and in health. So… we’ll see if Jake sticks around since Cindy keeps getting sick. lol jk.

We also went out to dim sum with Cindy’s family on Sunday! There wasn’t any particular occasion except the fact that Cindy really wanted dim sum. But it was a nice coincidence that it happened to be around Lunar New Year!

We’re trying to celebrate some of the big Chinese holidays together more because it’s become increasingly more important to Cindy. So we’re having a few traditional New Year dishes this coming Tuesday! We’re excited!

Well that’s all! 新年快樂!Happy Year of the Pig!

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