1 Year & 18 Weeks Married | Highlights of Our Week

Highlights of Our Week:

Chinese New Year. We celebrated Chinese New Year this past week! Cindy has started making an effort for us to celebrate some of the big Chinese holidays. It’s not much, but she made a few Chinese dishes for our low-key celebration.


Golden Dragon Parade. We made plans to go to the Golden Dragon Parade in Chinatown on Saturday. But we ended up being homebodies and not going. We kind of regret not being more adventurous and are making an effort to get out more on weekends instead of staying home.

Insanity. We’ve put running on hold for a bit since it’s hard for Cindy to run in glasses & she can’t wear contacts in the weeks leading up to her LASIK surgery. So… we’ve been doing Insanity workout videos (we found a couple of DVDs from Cindy’s college days). These HIIT workouts are no joke!! And Jake has been drenched in sweat after every one of our workouts. Since these workouts include a lot of jumping and high knees, Jake has been learning how to land softly so our neighbors don’t get annoyed with all the thudding. It felt like an earthquake was happening the first day we started these workouts!


Navigator’s Council. A good friend of ours gifted us this interactive faith-based marriage journal a few weeks ago. It “features weekly questions to help navigate and deepen relationships through consistent communication.” We’re still working on journaling in it consistently, but it has been a great gift. It encourages us to set aside time and really talk about, among other things, what brought us joy for the week, what sins we’re struggling with, and what prayer requests we have. While we do talk about these things regularly in our everyday conversations, sitting down with the journal allows us to have intentional 1:1 time.

And that’s a short summary of our week! Here’s a picture of Rufus just for fun.


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