1 Year & 8 Weeks Married | A Family Wedding

This week’s highlight: Wedding!


We attended Cindy’s dad’s cousin’s son’s wedding this past weekend. It’s pretty hard to believe that despite that many degrees of separation, that side of the family is relatively close.

In Chinese culture, there is a specific title or name given to each person, on each side of the family. So instead of just grandma or grandpa, the grandparents on the mother’s side  have a specific name and the grandparents on the father’s side have a specific name. On top of that, siblings of the grandparents also have specific names. It can get hard to keep track of who is who, but Jake is starting to learn how everyone is related.

Cindy’s great grandfather was a general in the Chinese Civil war and he had three wives. Long story short, two of the wives were friends and ended up raising their children together. Cindy’s grandmother was in that mix. Growing up, it was important to Cindy’s dad that she, and her sister, knew who their different great aunts and great uncles are and how they are related. It was important not only because they are family but also because it was one of her great uncles who helped the whole extended family immigrate to America. There’s a lot more to this story, but it has been fun sharing with each other our family histories. One day, we’ll share more about Jake’s side.

Anyways, the wedding was so much fun! The last time the entire extended family was all together was for our wedding! It’s so great that these occasions can bring us all together– it’s always like a mini reunion.

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