1 Year & 9 Weeks Married | Finals Won’t Get In Our Way

  1. “Restaurant Date Jar”. We made a list of all the walk-able restaurants around our apt and put them in a jar. We’re hoping this encourages us to be a little more adventurous! The idea is simple: 1) pick a slip from the jar 2) go eat at the place you picked. We have to confess we picked from the jar until we got the choice we wanted lol. At least we went somewhere new! 48053302_506339466542637_8965315326375886848_n
  2. Drive Along PCH Date Night. Jake had a final’s review session on Friday till like 9:00p. To give Cindy a little attention when he got home, he decided to take her on a drive along PCH for a little date night. The drive didn’t work out as planned. We ended up pulling into a random neighborhood, at the top of a hill, where we could see the lights from a Mormon Temple. We drank our hot chocolate and watched a GIANT raccoon walk from one house to the next. It wasn’t what we had in mind for our date night, but it was pretty special– we saw a giant raccoon together.
  3. Marina Del Rey Boat Parade. TBH the boat parade looks cooler on Instagram. But we still had a lot of fun seeing all the different boats and their light displays. After the boat parade, we went to a little gathering/party at Jake’s aunt’s and uncle’s. We played some intense games– Candy Crush, pick-up-sticks, and Pictionary.
  4. Name Change. Cindy FINALLY finished changing her name on all government documents! She’s learned a lesson– next time she gets married, she’ll be sure to have her new married name on the marriage certificate. Makes things so much easier. (lol jk).47579291_2323091581097540_746955861439545344_n
  5. Jake’s Birthday. He’s a quarter century years old! We’re going to be celebrating his birthday next weekend since he has finals this next week. We did have some ice cream cake though. It’s his favorite!
  6. Finals. Jake’s been studying REALLY HARD for his finals next week. He only stops to eat and play his XBox. (jk but he is studying a lot). Cindy’s been quite supportive even though the piles of papers laying around gets on her nerves. 48362606_1927207560729664_710154489998344192_n

That’s a short summary of our week!

2 thoughts on “1 Year & 9 Weeks Married | Finals Won’t Get In Our Way

  1. Love the date jar idea and the boat looks amazing! Go Cindy for getting her name changed on all documents and happy birthday to Jake! Hope he aces those finals! 😉


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