5 Years & 3 Weeks Married | Happy Halloween!

We went from having 0 plans for Halloween pre-baby to celebrating Halloween all month long post-baby!

For the month of October, instead of going to the park, Cindy and Baby R have been hanging out at the pumpkin patch! We shared a couple posts ago how exciting it was that a pumpkin patch was set up literally right around the corner from where we live. All month long, they’ve been riding the train and petting the animals in the petting zoo. We’re really going to miss all the fun activities when it closes.

On the bright side, the pumpkin patch is turning into a Christmas tree lot! Maybe there will be some fun festive activities there as well!

We also celebrated Halloween basically all weekend long.

On Saturday, we went to our church’s Harvest Festival. Our friends who also have a toddler came with us. Baby R got to dress up and play with her friend all day long. She had so much fun!

Then, on Sunday, we went to Jake’s dad’s fire station for a Firehouse Family Day. It wasn’t technically a Halloween event… more just a hang-out event. But Baby R did have some candy. And she made some new friends and played all day long there too. Baby R has such a fun life. Neither of us had this many social plans when we were her age!

On actual Halloween day, we went trick-or-treating with a few friends from church who also have kiddos around Baby R’s age. It was Baby R’s first time trick-or-treating!! Initially, she thought the passed out candy was for eating right then and there. She refused to keep the candy in her bucket and wanted to hold on to them for eating! We let her have one which was probably a mistake. Because, of course, she then wanted more– which we didn’t allow. And obviously that led to crying and whining. It was a bit of a rough start. Somewhere in the middle she lost interest in any candy and only wanted to ride in the toy car a friend had brought along. We were a little bummed cuz it meant less candy for us! It wasn’t until it was almost time to go home that Baby R started getting the concept of trick-or-treating and wanted to get candy from different houses & kept them in her bucket.

Overall, it was a lot of fun and such a special first time trick-or-treating!

We were home by 7:00pm. And after Baby R went to bed, we treated ourselves to some sushi. And some of her candy lol.

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