5 Years & 4 Weeks Married | The Weekends Go By Way Too Fast

Why is it that weekends seem to zip by in the blink of an eye!?!

We tried to have a lazy weekend since we’ve been busy the last several weekends and have plans for the upcoming ones. But it seems we’re almost incapable of making no plans. It’s just more fun hanging out with other people. We miss the days when Cindy’s sister and her sister’s husband lived blocks away. We didn’t realize how much we went over to hang out with them until they moved away. Thinking back, we probably hung out at least once a week and maybe every other weekend!

On Saturday, we ended up spending all day (minus naptime) with our friends from church who also have a child around Baby R’s age. It was fun just to hang out with friends. It was also so fun to watch our little ones play together… or really… play in the same space together. It’s been so amazing to watch the evolution of Baby R’s play. She went from barely acknowledging the presence of other kids to now getting excited in the presence of familiar kids! We’re pretty sure Baby R is an extrovert. She gets so giddy and excited when her friends show up at the park! If she had a tail, she would be wagging it.

On Sunday, after church, we took down our Halloween decorations (finally). And after Baby R’s nap, we went to the park and dropped off our ballots. We capped the day off at Target where we spent a little too much on Christmas decorations. Something about this year is saying decorations should go up before Thanksgiving…

Even though we actually did quite a lot this weekend, it felt so relaxing and easygoing. It’ll probably be a while until we’ll get another slow-going weekend.

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