4 Years & 12 Weeks Married | Happy 2022!

Happy New Year!!

This past week felt like a blur. It went by slowly but ended too soon. It was “24/7 Life” all over again and we loved it. The days meshed together. We had no plans but to relax and enjoy ourselves. We lazed around, played with Baby R, and binged lots of Malcolm in the Middle. It was the perfect week.

On New Year’s Eve, we went on our first family hike! We had been feeling cooped up from all the rain and also wanted to try out our baby carrier. It was a pretty successful hike! Baby R loved being in the carrier, she kept squealing and smiling. We chose a short local hike to ease ourselves into it. It was only supposed to be a 3-mile hike, but Baby R fell asleep when we were almost back to the car. We knew she’d wake up if we tried to transition her into the car seat, so we decided to do the whole hike one more time and let her nap. Our 3-mile hike turned into a 5 miler! We got our workout in! We’re so happy our first family hiking experience was a success. We can’t wait to do more.

Like most new parents, we were in bed way before midnight. We did celebrate together earlier in the evening though. Jake bought a giant cupcake for us all. We let Baby R have a few tastes, which she really loved. The two of us drank some cider and watched some Malcolm in the Middle while puzzling. It was not very exciting, but it was cozy and relaxing. We’ve really enjoyed spending a lot of quality time together these past couple of weeks.

Now, it’s time for us to go back to work.

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