41 Weeks Married | “24/7 Life”

“24/7 Life”

We call this week the first week of 24/7 life because, since Jake quit his job, we’ve been spending almost 24/7 together.

So far, 24/7 life has been both the best ever and also pretty ordinary.  We went bowling in the middle of the day and it was a little awkward since literally no one was there (besides the employees). We had the entire bowling alley to ourselves. If we were pro at bowling, then we could have showed off to all the employees how legit we are. Instead, we bowled terribly. And the employees were probably wondering why we were bowling instead of working.


24/7 life has also allowed us more time to spend with each of our families. We had some pool time, ping pong, dinner, and good talks with Jake’s mom and two of the three brothers (and his brother’s girlfriend). And this past weekend, we went on a road trip with Cindy’s parents to Laughlin and the Grand Canyon! (it was Jake’s first time to both places).


(more pics from our trip at the end!)

We’ve also been watching our guilty pleasure TV show. For the sake of our dignities, we will not share what show we’re watching. But you’re free to take a guess! Jake’s been playing his video games a lot more. (see how intense he gets when he plays). And he’s also been working on his “pre-math camp homework”. All the admitted PhD candidates need to attend a math camp, a couple of weeks before school starts, to brush up on their math skills. And by “brush up” we mean “make sure you can handle the insane intensity of the level of math that is to come”. (see how intense he gets when he’s doing math).

Cindy’s life has pretty much been normal, since she’s been on summer vacation for a while now. She’s really happy that now she has Jake’s company during the day. One of the things she’s working on is trying to get a face mask routine going.

We’re really enjoying 24/7 Life! (come back in a couple of weeks to find out how we still feel about each other lol). Really though, we’re happy we have this opportunity to relax, vacation, and spend time together before all the craziness starts. And by craziness we mean Jake going back to school and Cindy becoming the temporary breadwinner.

And now, we’re packing and getting ready for our “Presidential Road Trip”! We’re road tripping up to Mount Rushmore!

(see below for pics from our Laughlin & Grand Canyon trip with Cindy’s parents)

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