2 Years & 35 Weeks Married | Highlights of the Week

Highlights of the Week

Cindy wrapped up Year 5 of teaching. It’s still so crazy to think she’s been teaching for 5 years. She feels like she just started not too long ago. She’s excited for Year 6 and hopeful that she’ll be able to see her students in person next year.

Jake finished up his last class ever!!! He’ll never have to take another class (for his PhD program) ever again! For the next 3 or so years, he’ll be focusing on his thesis. He’s not officially done with PhD Year 2 yet…he still has Finals Week to TA and Year 2 papers to turn in.

Our good friends had a baby a couple of months ago. Since things are opening up, we decided to finally go visit and see the baby this past weekend. BABY IS SO CUTE AND ADORABLE! It’s crazy to think that Baby was just the size of a lima bean and is now here in the world. It was so nice to catch up with our friends and finally meet the baby.

And finally…the biggest highlight of the week…one of Jake’s brothers proposed this past weekend! Such exciting news! We’re so happy and excited for him and his new fiancée!

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