2 Years & 34 Weeks Married | Poppa Wang’s Official Retirement Party!

Since things are finally opening up in Los Angeles, we decided it was time to officially celebrate Poppa Wang’s retirement!! He retired 2 months ago and we haven’t had the chance to really celebrate. We, along with Cindy’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend, threw a little surprise party for him on Saturday. We hung up banners, blew up some balloons, and got a cake!

(you’ll notice the balloons are actually grad balloons…those were the only ones we could find…so we just taped over the “gr” in grad with a “d” for dad…lol)

It was a really fun day. We ate a lot of food, walked over to the park & played some catch, and had some cake! We hope he felt loved, appreciated, and celebrated.

Another big highlight of the week was our bike ride to the beach! We’ve missed the beach sooo much and were really happy they finally opened up for activity. It was just our luck that the day we chose to go bike riding happened to be a day with a heavy marine layer… but either way it was really fun and refreshing!


We leave you with this picture of us matching!