1 Year & 27 Weeks Married | Cindy’s Birthday!

Jake surprised Cindy on her birthday with a living room full of balloons and her favorite breakfast– Eggs Benedict!


That afternoon we went on a nice walk to Starbucks for a free birthday coffee and then to RedBox for a free birthday movie. (Cindy also got a free birthday gift from Ulta the day before). Now she jokes that she’s going to sign up for more memberships with different companies for more free things lol.


We wrapped up the festivities with a trip to Universal Studios on Saturday! We were both pretty excited to check out Harry Potter World. While we were waiting in line for a ride, we debated whether or not we wanted to splurge and try the Butter Beer. In the end we decided to try it and it was pretty good! (but extremely overpriced…so…maybe not so worth it).

We had a really fun time! Cindy learned how easily Jake experiences motion sickness. Every ride made him a little nauseous – not from the movement, but from the VR/video effects that simulate the movement. Overall, Cindy chalks this up as her favorite birthday yet!

2 thoughts on “1 Year & 27 Weeks Married | Cindy’s Birthday!

  1. Happy belated birthday, Cindy! Go Jake for doing it up big with the ballons & breakfast. 🙂

    My boyfriend threw up after the Hogwarts ride, too. I guess those rides are too wild for men lol. Glad we didn’t buy the overpriced butter beer when we went!!

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