1 Year & 28 Weeks Married | Happy Easter!

This past week has been quite a social one for the both of us!

On Wednesday, we visited Jake’s hometown to celebrate one of his brother’s birthday. Friday, Cindy visited a good friend from high school, who just had a baby. Saturday, Cindy went to a “House-A-Versary” party with college girlfriends while Jake went to a game night with PhD students from his program. And on Sunday, we celebrated Easter with some of Jake’s extended family. We’ve really enjoyed spending time with friends and family as well as catching up on relationships. But we’re also tired, which is why this post is short and sweet lol.

Also, here is a pretty picture of our breakfast from earlier this week. We were getting bored with our breakfast routine and wanted to switch it up by adding some veggies. It was delicious!

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