24 Weeks Married | A Philly Wedding

(no polaroid this week… instead we have a photobooth picture!)

We found a new apartment and signed the lease this past week!! Now all Cindy can think about is how to decorate the place. And all Jake can think about is how to arrange his office space (which he will be sharing with the guineas).

The best part of this week was definitely our trip to Philadelphia. It was our first “Winter-ish” visit to the east coast! (Winter-ish because there was still snow on the sides of the road even though it’s technically Spring). Speaking of which, it was so cool to see dirty snow on the side of sidewalks and on lawns. Like snow that wasn’t in the mountains!! Anyways, we spent the weekend catching up with one of Jake’s best friends and getting to know his best friend’s girlfriend. The four of us explored Philadelphia together and ate a lot of food together. We visited the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross’s house, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Rocky Steps. Oh and of course, Jake ate many Philly Cheesesteaks. On Sunday, we all celebrated the wedding of another one of Jake’s friends (from high school). The wedding was so beautiful and fun and brought back memories of our own wedding. Wedding days are just such special days!!

We’re back from our trip now. We have one week of work. And then we’re off on our honeymoon!!! (finallyyyyyyy)

Below are some pictures from our Philly trip.


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