23 Weeks Married | Jake’s PhD Offer and Cindy’s 1/2 Marathon

(this post is up a day later because… we both have had quite the week!)

First off…Jake officially accepted his offer from the UCLA Economics PhD program!! We are so beyond grateful and excited!! The 2016-2017 academic year was a tough one for us. Jake was working full time and taking math classes in the evening to make sure he had a strong math background for his applications.  And Cindy was driving Jake to and from those classes. Then, the months leading up to our wedding as well as the months right after our wedding were full with late nights filling out applications. The UCLA acceptance was such a huge sigh of relief!

Since we know we’ll be staying in the LA area, we’ve started looking into different housing options. We briefly considered buying a home. But…after a meeting with a banker, a couple late night discussions, and some detailed financial calculations…we decided it just isn’t the right time for us. That sucks a little, but we’re just going to have to wait a little while longer. At the same time, we have also been apartment hunting! Man is rent expensive in LA!! It’s been both fun and frustrating. Fun because we’ve enjoyed spending time together looking at all the different units. Frustrating because apartment hunting eats up so much of our time and energy! We can’t even begin to imagine what house hunting will be like.

Lastly, Cindy ran the LA Marathon Charity Challenge Relay yesterday! The LA Marathon is such a fun event to experience. (maybe except for people trying to drive through LA) But for the runners and spectators, it’s so amazing to see the city come together and rally for this event. It’s such a special feeling! Cindy ran the second leg of the Charity Challenge Relay. So while we were waiting for the relay runners to start, we were able to see all the elite runners run by. They basically did 13 miles in 1 hour! So crazy! We’re deciding whether or not we want to run the full LA Marathon together next year. We’ll see…

Well..that has been our big exciting week!


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