14 Weeks Married | First Major Decision

We’re both back at work. Yay…

Our week started off with a bit of stress. Jake got a nice offer from a company he had applied to. So, the beginning of our week was weighing all the pros and cons and deciding whether or not he should stay with his current company or leave. This was the first major decision we had to make together. It was a hard decision but a good situation because it allowed us to see what good team mates we are!

The ending to our week was a lot less stressful than how it started. Friday night we waited till 9:00pm to go out for a late dinner date. We thought we were so smart for waiting because the long lines would surely have died down by then. But we ended up waiting an hour anyways. The food was good though! On Saturday, we watched some Planet Earth 2, cleaned out the guinea pig cage, and went for a 5 mile run along the beach. The sun was starting to set and we could smell the ocean while running. So picturesque! (Ironically, we didn’t bring our phones)

And that’s most of our week!

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