4 Years & 45 Weeks Married | First Weekend Away From Baby R

One of Jake’s best friends got married this past weekend! It was a small wedding out in Colorado.

When we originally got the invitation, we decided we would not bring Baby R so that we could be present and thoroughly enjoy the trip. At the time, we didn’t think too much about it.

But as the weekend approached, Cindy began to feel more and more anxious about being in a completely different state, away from her baby for 3 whole days and 2 long nights. It is, as she kept saying all weekend, biologically unnatural. It was probably one of the hardest and longest three days of her life. And now that we’re back, Cindy’s not sure if she’d ever do a weekend trip away from her baby ever again…at least not for a long while…Jake hopes that’s not the case…

Although it was a hard trip for Cindy, we still managed to take advantage and enjoy our first baby-free weekend together. On Friday night, we went out to a restaurant and gorged ourselves at a leisurely pace. Afterwards, we realized we could go to the movies because…we had no baby with us! So at the very last minute we decided to be wreckless and watch a 10:00p showing of Thor instead of cashing in on some sleep. It’d been a very long time since we’d done something that spontaneous. We mildly regretted the decision the next day when we had to wake up early to attend the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful and we had such a great time catching up with Jake’s old friends. Even though Cindy was having fun, she was missing Baby R so much that she desperately searched for earlier return flights during the last dance. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find any available flights…not that Jake would have been on board with the flight change.

We were hoping to unwind and relax in our hotel room at some point during our weekend, but we booked one of the dirtiest hotels we’d ever stayed at and wanted to be in the room as little as possible. We are not kidding when we say it smelled like cat pee. But we did take advantage of the indoor pool! It wasn’t a nice pool, but it was nice enough to take a dip in. Cindy kept joking we were going to come out with pink eye because that’s how questionable the pool looked. It was pretty enjoyable though. It had been so long since we’ve both been able to float around and go in a pool together baby-free.

All in all, it was an okay trip. We both really enjoyed the quality time together and getting to catch up with Jake’s friends. But for a first weekend trip away from a baby, we think it best to start with something local and work your way up to something out-of-state. Maybe it would have been emotionally easier.

On a positive note, the reunion with Baby R was soooo sweet (at least for Cindy). She gave Cindy the tightest and longest hug ever!!! She didn’t really want anything to do with Jake though, which he understands even if it still hurt a little…Baby R just really missed her mommy. It was a big sigh of relief for Cindy. The entire trip, she kept worrying if Baby R would want to be embraced or if she’d end up clinging to her grandparents. Turns out it was a silly worry.

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