Date Ideas!

This page is just a random collection of date ideas. We sometimes find ourselves just watching TV during our free time and are not as motivated as we used to be to go out and try new things together. While it is nice sometimes to just relax and binge watch shows, it can also get repetitive and stifling. So we decided to compile an ongoing list of date ideas that we can refer to when we’re bored and want to do something fun! Maybe you’ll find some cool ideas from here! Or if you have any fun ideas, share them with us!

Low-Key Dates (free or doesn’t require leaving home)

cook dinner together and put on some fun music (our go to playlists are “Italian Cooking Music!” and “Regina Spektor”)

play some board games (our current faves are Bananagrams and Boggle)

go on an evening walk after dinner to digest (but really to go get dessert…)

have tea and cookies together (perfect during the winter)

build a lego set!

Not Too Low-Key, Not Too All-Out Dates (under $50 or requires leaving home)

weekend hike (some neat ones in LA that we’ve done: Malibu Grotto, Murphy’s Ranch, Wisdom Tree, SS Dominator Shipwreck, Escondido Falls, Hollywood Sign)

go out for brunch!

eat out at a restaurant we haven’t been to before

go see a movie (try out one of those rooftop movies!)

walk around and picnic at the Getty Museum or Getty Villa

bike ride & picnic dinner on the beach (our favorite summer date)

mini-golfing & arcade games (include VR arcades for a twist!)

visit Griffith Observatory (just before sunrise or right at sunset)

All-Out Dates (likely more than $50)

road trip!

go see an opera or ballet (The Nutcracker is a must during the holidays)

camping or backpacking (our go-to activity)

buy a cheap flight and do a short day trip or weekend trip (bucket list places we’d like to visit: Maine, New York, North Dakota, and Florida!)

get dressed up and go out to a nice dinner (venture out into Brentwood or even West Hollywood)

do a city tour

hot air balloon ride (at sunrise)