5 Years & 29 Weeks Married | We Are Sick of Being Sick!

Viral pink eye has taken us for a beating! Cindy has been out of commission all week. Not only did she catch R’s nasty cold (which she can’t seem to shake), but also R’s pink eye. We have a trip planned this next week and Jake was planning on wrapping up a lot of tasks since he’ll only have about a month of school left when we return. Unfortunately, he didn’t end up getting a lot done because he had to take over the parenting. What was supposed to be our super productive, “get ready for our trip” week ended up being one of our blobbiest weeks ever. We feel so unprepared and we usually like to leave for trips prepared, with loose ends tied up. Guess that’s life with kids (or maybe just life in general) things don’t always go according to plan. If only we can just put R in a giant bubble so she can’t bring any illnesses home whenever we go out. just kidding.

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