5 Years & 27 Weeks Married | 31

Cindy turned 31 this last week! Turning 31 feels less cool than turning 30.

30 is this big milestone that’s worth celebrating. 31 is just realizing you’re getting older and like actually really in your thirties now. Yeck.

We had a low-key celebration. In the morning, we walked to a local hole-in-the-wall place called Ray’s for some breakfast burritos. It’s been on Cindy’s LA bucket list to walk to a local hole-in-the-wall place for breakfast, so her wish came true! Cindy’s sister and parents came over in the evening and we had Little Caesar’s pizza (per Cindy’s request…she has such fine taste) and some cake. It was nice just having family over and spending time together.


Another highlight of the week: Cindy’s sister and her sister’s husband visited and stayed the night over the weekend!

Our weekend together brought back memories of when they used to live nearby and we would play video games and board games all weekend long. Except for this time, we could only play during R’s naps and after her bedtime. We really miss that chapter of our lives… when we lived blocks away from each other. And could visit whenever we wanted. And have last-minute game nights.

R had so much fun with her aunt and uncle sleeping over. She was so excited all weekend long that she barely slept! It really warms our hearts to see how much she’s loved by her family and how much she loves her family back.

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