5 Years & 26 Weeks Married | Happy Easter!

He is risen! Niiiiice.

(just a little inside joke)

It feels like we celebrated Easter all week! This is the most “Eastery Easter” we’ve had since getting married! Toddler R did a little backyard egg hunt earlier during the week with some toddler friends from church. We went to the community Easter event at our local park and did another egg hunt there. Then we went to Jake’s aunt’s Easter get-together and Toddler R participated in YET another egg hunt. And finally Easter morning, Toddler R did an egg & basket hunt at home before church. Hopefully, she doesn’t think egg hunts are an everyday activity now…

It’s been a fun and festive week!

Hopefully one day she’ll value the true meaning of Easter. But for now, egg hunts and yogurt melts will do.

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