5 Years & 25 Weeks Married | Another Busy Week

Our days are mostly organized by pre-nap and post-nap. And having 2 activities in a day is considered a crazy busy day when you have a toddler!

Monday morning, Jake’s parents came over for a visit. And in the afternoon, Toddler R had a play date with a friend at the park.

Wednesday, Jake walked with Toddler R to the local library for storytime. And in the afternoon Cindy’s parents and sister came over for a visit.

Thursday, we went on a walk/hike with Jake’s dad at Malibu Creek. We were anticipating hiking. But the trail was really muddy from the rain so it turned into a slow walk to the lake where Jake broke his leg.

Friday morning, Cindy and Toddler R had a play date & lunch with Cindy’s childhood friend and her friend’s daughter. In the afternoon, Toddler R had a second play date with a friend we met at storytime! Toddler R is quite the busy bee!

Weeks like these are what we are going to miss most after moving. It was jam-packed with play dates & visits with family. And we’re not sure if our life will look the same way in North Carolina. One of the struggles of motherhood is meeting mom friends. And Cindy feels so fortunate that this has not been her experience. Living in a city as dense as West LA has meant that Cindy gets to meet moms all the time whether it’s at the park, local library, play gym, etc. And the people she meets usually live within a 1-mile radius of us which makes planning and coordinating play dates much easier because everyone is just a 5-10 minute walk away! We’re not sure we’ll get the same opportunities to meet people when we move to North Carolina just because there are fewer people.

We’re hoping we’ll still get weeks like this. Or maybe we’ll experience a change of pace. We’re trying to stay optimistic that whatever awaits us will be an exciting new adventure.

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