5 Years & 19 Weeks Married | Highlights of the Week

What an eventful week we’ve had!

It was Cindy’s first full week as a stay-at-home mom! And so far, she’s loving it! It feels like summer vacation except forever lol. We’ll see if she’s still loving it 6 months in…

For Jake, it’s sinking in that he’s going to be an Assistant Professor!!!

One of our biggest highlights of the week was spending Valentine’s Day at Disneyland. Apparently, February 14 is one of the least crowded days of the least crowded month to go. We went on so many rides!! Well… as many as Toddler R would let us go on. She didn’t enjoy Disneyland as much as we did– she was scared of pretty much every single ride… save for the carrousel. It was such an easygoing, relaxing, and memorable Valentine’s Day.

Another highlight of our week was spending Saturday afternoon at Palisades Beach. The beach in February is always its own unique experience. There’s just something about the ocean breeze in February. It’s not freezing but also not exactly warm. Just enough to enjoy a beach walk then jumping in the toasty car to warm up. We checked out a local hidden gem (the secret rainbow stairs), collected rocks and seashells, and got some dessert! Now that we know our time in the city is coming to an end, we’re really trying to soak it all in. It seems we appreciate things just a little more. Like the smell of the beach. Something we’ve taken for granted. But something we really noticed this last visit.

Overall, we really enjoyed our week together!

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