5 Years & 15 Weeks Married | Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Happy Chinese New Year!

We actually celebrated the holiday a week earlier because Jake was going to be out of town for flyouts!

We went out to dim sum with Cindy’s family, walked around a mall afterward to digest, and capped the time off with some boba. Baby R had such a fun time with family and really enjoyed all the cultural delicacies (she got to enjoy a box of Pocky in lieu of boba).

Best of all, Baby R got some red envelopes from her A-Ma and Lao-Ye!

It feels so special to be able to pass on these traditions. And we feel so fortunate to live in an area where we can feel proud about celebrating our cultural holidays. It was a pleasant surprise when our parent friends from the park greeted us with a Happy Lunar New Year! Growing up Cindy, like many ABCs (American Born Chinese), felt embarrassed by her culture and was not proud to be Chinese. We hope Baby R doesn’t grow up feeling the same way. Our hope is for Baby R to always feel proud and confident in who she is.

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