5 Years & 1 Week Married | Meet Our New Pet Fish & Pet Caterpillars

The highlight of our last week is… our new pet goldfish!!! A couple teenagers won the goldfish at our local pumpkin patch and decided to pass it along to Baby R! So kind!

We went out and got a mini tank and some fish food. We really hope we can keep it alive! Baby R has been so excited to feed her fish as part of her morning routine.

We also have some pet caterpillars we’re raising!! Well, they’re not really our pets… because it’s illegal to cage Monarch butterflies. But we bought a bunch of milkweed flowers and have been watching the caterpillars living on them grow. A few have already turned into pupas and are hanging in some of the most random areas on our balcony. We hope we’ll get to see them become butterflies before they fly away.

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