4 Years & 49 Weeks Married | LA Zoo!

We went to the LA Zoo this last weekend!!!

Jake was so excited and happy to experience the zoo with Baby R for the first time ever.

Now that Baby R is more aware and verbal, she can actually enjoy the zoo! The last time Baby R went (with just Cindy and Cindy’s parents) was when she was about 12 months old. And although she did have fun, it wasn’t clear how much of the enjoyment came from the animals. It seemed like she mostly enjoyed walking around and eating ice cream with her grandparents.

This time, she definitely enjoyed the animals a lot more. She would get so excited every time we came across a new enclosure. And she would call every animal she saw “gogo” (meaning dog in Chinese). She would even imitate some of the animal noises!! (like the trumpet of an elephant) It was just so fun to watch her expressions and excitement looking at all the different animals.

As for us, we really enjoyed our day out together as a family. During her stroller nap, we spoiled ourselves with a pretzel with cheese dip while catching up with one another. We also splurged on some churros because… why not!? It was so nice to spend the day together, making memories.

Fun weekend adventures like these make it so much harder to go back to work the following week. With that in mind, we try to hold on to every last second, and look forward to our next weekend together!

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