4 Years & 48 Weeks Married | Luigi’s Mansion

The big highlight of our week was… finally defeating the game Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo Switch!

We started this game about 5 years ago when Cindy got the game for Christmas from one of Jake’s brothers. This all began with us playing the Luigi’s Mansion arcade game at the Santa Monica pier. It was one of those fun interactive games where the game controller was an actual vacuum! In short, the goal of the game is free all of Luigi’s friends who have been trapped in this haunted mansion by vacuuming up ghosts and eventually defeating King Boo. We were raving so hard about the game that we got it as a present!

We had actually reached the final level several weeks ago. But Cindy wasn’t quite ready to finish the game. Just like how she sometimes delays finishing a really good book because she doesn’t want the book to end.

Jake, on the other hand, was really excited to finish the game and had been trying to get Cindy to play for the last few weeks. It’s always so satisfying to defeat the final boss! He actually did all of the work. Cindy mostly spent the entire time complaining about how hard the final level was.

We feel a little empty now that the game is fnished. Maybe it’s time to buy a new game to play for the next 5 years!

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