4 Years & 42 Weeks Married | Family Hike

The three of us went on a little hike on Saturday! We did a local one, the Temescal Canyon Loop. Jake really enjoyed the hike and the views. It had been a while since we’d done a hike and he was excited about the adventure! It was also quite a workout carrying Baby R the entire time! A fellow hiker joked that Cindy carried Baby R for 9 months, so it was only fitting for Jake to carry Baby R for the hike. Jake didn’t think it was exactly a fair comparison considering Baby R was only 8 pounds in the womb and a whopping 21 pounds now. Cindy sided with the hiker.

Cindy enjoyed the hike after the fact. But during the hike, she was stressing the entire time about Baby R’s whining…Baby R didn’t want to sit in the hiking carrier. She wishes she had soaked in more of the views…of the coastline and of the beautiful homes.

It felt so good to be sore after the hike. We slept so well that night!

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