4 Years & 41 Weeks Married | The Perfect Saturday Followed by a Mediocre Sunday

The weekends seem to just fly by.

We had the most amazing, relaxing Saturday. In the morning, the three of us took a walk around the block. It was so special because for the first time ever, Baby R wanted to hold both our hands during the walk! In the afternoon, we took Baby R to the Children’s Museum. Though, we seemed to enjoy the museum more than she did. And in the evening, we went to the park. Baby R was sooo happy to have both parents hanging out with her all day.

During her first nap, the two of us binged some Modern Family. Then during her second nap, we also napped.

It was such a nice day. One of Cindy’s favorites. And it ended all too soon.

Sunday was the complete opposite of what Saturday was. We kept calling the day a bust. It was one of those days where nothing went according to plan.

After church and her morning nap, we decided to take Baby R to the community pool. We got there and found out it was closed because someone failed to show up to work. Bummer! We spent about 20 minutes deciding whether or not to try another pool. Baby R didn’t seem to mind, she had fun moving leaves from one pile of dirt to another pile. We ended up deciding to try the other pool only to find out when we got there it was also closed due to short staffing!!!

To save the day, we decided to get ice cream. Except the Baskin Robbins we went to was CLOSED!

Fortunately our second Baskin Robbins attempt was a success. The franchise owner even gave Baby R a free wafer cone which she happily enjoyed.

By the time we got home, it was time for Baby R to nap again. It felt like a bust day because we didn’t actually do anything fun. But in retrospect, a day full of failed adventures is an adventure in its own way!

Anyway, summer is winding down for Cindy. She starts work again in a couple of weeks. And Jake is gearing up to go on the job market. A lot of econ jobs will be posted at the end of this month. We’re trying to enjoy the last few weeks of calm before life gets busy and hectic again.

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