4 Years & 39 Weeks Married | From 0-100

We went from having no plans at all last week to a week packed with social engagements nearly every day this week!

It seems counterintuitive but when you have a toddler who needs entertaining all day, it’s actually preferable to make plans than to not make plans. Sometimes the days just drag by, when we have no other plans besides going to the park and playing at home. We look forward to the days we have play dates or dinner dates with friends because it just makes the time go by faster. And it’s always nice to hang out and spend time with loved ones. The downside is that we’re always so exhausted afterward. It seems there is no in-between. It’s either 0 or 100… at least until we give in to screen time and let the TV do some entertaining. But we’re trying to hold out for as long as we can.

Ironically, we’ve been having lots and lots of screen time. On top of all our social engagements, we’ve also been binging a new show. Once Baby R goes down for the night, our TV is on and we’re watching The Terminal List. We haven’t stayed up past 11:00p in a while. And just this last week, we’ve gone to bed a little past midnight almost every night- trying to squeeze in just one more episode. So young and spontaneous of us! (jk). We definitely feel the consequences of our actions the next morning when all we want to do is sleep in but, Baby R is up and ready to roll.

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