4 Years & 36 Weeks Married | Highlight & Lowlight of the Week

The highlight of this past week was Father’s Day!!! Jake got to celebrate his 2nd Father’s Day ever! We have been so busy prepping for our upcoming trips and Jake has been so busy with his paper, that the day kind of crept up on us. We didn’t really do much. Jake opened up a gift from Cindy and Baby R. Cindy snapped a picture of Jake with Baby R where she squirmed and cried trying to get out of his arms. Annnnd that was basically it. On actual Father’s Day, we were in Palm Desert for a family reunion with Cindy’s extended family.

The low light of this past week was Cindy’s sister and her sister’s husband moving away! It’s exciting for them… they bought a house! But sad for us. For the last 5ish years, we’ve practically been neighbors. We’ll miss being able to just walk over to their apartment for unannounced visits. We’ll miss the last-minute game nights and dinners. And we’ll miss just being in close proximity to them. Maybe we’ll just have to buy a house in their new hometown…

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