4 Years & 35 Weeks Married | Summer Break!!!

We didn’t get much of a summer last year because we were busy being sleep-deprived and adjusting to life with a baby.

But we’re ready to make up for it this year!!! (or at least Cindy is… it’s crunch time for Jake and his paper…)

Cindy is officially on summer break! And she and Baby R have been hanging out non-stop and having tons of fun! They’ve been going to birthday parties, having play dates, and going to the park! One of the days, they went to the zoo with Cindy’s parents (Baby R’s grandparents). After Disneyland, Cindy was a little skeptical of how the zoo outing would go. To her surprise, it was muuuuuch easier and waaaay more fun! Baby R loved squealing at the animals and walking all over the place. We can’t wait to go back again with Jake!

As for Jake, he has been home grading finals– every TA’s favorite thing to do in the world. Fortunately, he got a scholarship for next year and will NOT have to TA ever again!!! (hopefully) While he enjoys teaching, it will be a great relief to focus on finishing his dissertation/applying to jobs.

On Thursday, Cindy and Baby R tagged along with Jake as he went to UCLA to turn in all the tests. Afterward, the three of us had a picnic lunch in the Sculpture Garden. It was so picturesque and serene.

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