4 Years & 33 Weeks Married | Memorial Day Weekend

Baby R was due around this time last year! Oh, how our lives have changed!! Exactly this time last year, we went on our final “spur-of-the-moment late-night movie showing”. Now, when we want to watch a movie in a theater, we have to plan in advance so we have a babysitter for Baby R! We remember watching A Quiet Place 2, secretly hoping the jump scares would induce labor.

Also around this time last year, we went on our last date night as just a “young married couple”. We remember how it was extremely windy and cold at the Santa Monica pier and how much fun we had playing the different arcade games. It’s definitely harder to squeeze in time for date nights these days— something we’re trying to prioritize more.

Our lives have definitely changed, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

And with that, it’s t-minus 1 week until Baby R turns ONE!!!!

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