4 Years & 32 Weeks Married | Another Weekend Apart

We shared last week how we’ve been feeling a little spread thin recently, Jake especially.

So Cindy decided to spend the weekend with her parents- giving Jake some much-needed undistracted, undisturbed time to focus on his work. Working from home has its perks, but one of the downsides is that it is very hard to focus with a baby in the background (not to mention a wife who’s also pretty needy lol).

This seems like a good time to mention that our nursery/office combo did not work out. We learned what our parents already knew– it is nearly impossible to work with a napping baby in the same room… especially with how furiously Jake types. We ended up moving Jake’s office set up into our bedroom a few months ago. We probably should have just done that, to begin with.

Anyway, the time to work was much needed for Jake. He took advantage and worked nearly all Friday afternoon and all through Saturday. By the end of the day, he was getting a little worn down from all the economics he’d been doing. He just wants a mental break! But no breaks until he’s finished.

As for Cindy, her weekend at home was amazing. She came back from her trip with a feeling of abundance. She hasn’t spent that much quality time with either of her parents since having Baby R. During the day, her parents got to soak in lots and lots of grandbaby time. And at night, Cindy got to catch up with her mom and dad. Her dad had brought out a couple old family photo albums that her late grandmother had put together. She gained so much insight into her grandparents’ life in Taiwan, her dad’s childhood & adolescent years, and their struggle after immigrating to America. Now that she’s older and a mom, she has a little more perspective about what it must have been like for her parents to be raising children in a foreign country surrounded by a language they do not speak well. Her parenting struggles pale in comparison to theirs. Parents always say, “you’ll understand when you’re older” and it’s so unfortunate that it is precisely when you’re older that you begin to understand.

We were reunited Sunday and it felt so nice to spend time together as a family. During Baby R’s nap, we watched part of a movie together. And when she woke up, we had some family park time. It was as close as we could get, with a baby, to a lazy Sunday.

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