4 Years & 31 Weeks Married | Burning the Candle at Both Ends

We went from having the most relaxing weekend ever, to the most stressful week ever.

For Jake, it’s crunch time. He’s set a goal to finish up his job market paper by this summer so that he can go on the market next year. But it’s been a little hard for him to carve out writing time. Cindy’s trying to step up more so that Jake has the time to focus on his work. It’s a good problem to have, but one consequence is that our weeks are pretty packed from now through summer!

As for Cindy, the end of the school year is usually pretty easygoing. But not this year. This year, it’s been packed with assessment reports and IEP meetings.

Both of us have also been working hard to be present with Baby R and take care of household chores. With careful time management and prioritizing, we’ve been able to keep up. But the mental weight of it all is heavy. It feels like there’s a 10lb weight sitting on our chest and all we want to do is sleep and be lazy.

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