4 Years & 22 Weeks Married | Same Old, Same Old

For the most part, not too much happened this past week.

Our routine these days revolves around Baby R’s three wake windows. After Cindy leaves for work in the morning, Jake usually plays with Baby R until our childcare arrives (which is either our part-time nanny or our parents, depending on the day). Cindy usually makes it back home right around when Baby R goes down for her second nap. If Cindy’s wiped, she’ll usually take a quick cat nap. Otherwise, she’ll use this time to tidy up the house or finish up some administrative stuff for work. When Baby R wakes up, Cindy will usually take her to the park or for a short visit with Cindy’s sister! By the time they come back home, Jake is usually back from campus. Together, we feed Baby R some solids, play a little more, bathe, and put her down to bed.

Then, the hours between 7:00-10:00p is our time. We saw something that joked about how parents basically cram their entire adult lives into those 3 hours at night, after the baby goes to bed. And it is SO TRUE. This is the time we use to squeeze in some last-minute things for work, exercise, grocery shop, eat dinner, catch up on our shows, catch up with each other, shower, and unwind. Some days, all we want to do is go to bed!

Parent life is exhausting!

It didn’t help that Baby R started going through another bout of teething. It was like a switch. Friday, she was our normal, happy, bubbly baby. Then, from Saturday on she became a fiend. She was EXTREMELY cranky, clingy, and fussy. She didn’t even want to partake in her favorite activity in the whole wide world– eat! Sometimes we joke that it would be nice if babies were just born with all their teeth. Maybe in an alternate universe, nursing moms everywhere are joking that it would be better if babies were born without their teeth.

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